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Nine sounds like he’s from the “north” because of Clara’s interactions with the War Doctor

BTW I think after seeing another episode I should get a feel for 12 so I’ll rp with him too on this blog

Cam brings in some flowers from the last planet her and Doctor came from she sleeps with them in her room and doesn't wake up for longer than usual and the Doctor goes to check on her sees the dream lord sitting beside her on her bed?



"What are you doing here?" The Doctor questions the figure. "You shouldn’t be here. You can’t be here."

Cam sighed,trying to send him a message through his Psychic Paper”Doctor,you’re there way too early”

The Doctor continued the fighting having forgotten his paper since well he left it on the Tardis.

Thoughts of Into the Dalek

I’m liking Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. He’s a little rougher on the edge, he’s gruff and he does an edge and he’s darker than previous Doctor. Though I think its more apparent that he is aware of this darkness and seems to be afraid or maybe shamed by it. He so wants to be better but he’s not sure he can be. The whole thing with the dalek especially highlights that and personally I think that was wonderful.  He still looks like he’s trying to figure out who he is and that fine. Considering that he spent centuries on Trenzalore fighting its easy to see why this Doctor would be more to the point and stricter and darker yet having such a  clear vulnerability.

Danny Pink we didn’t see that much but i’m liking him. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to the Doctor and how the Doctor reacts to him, The Doctor certainly had bias with soldiers so it will be interesting to see him meet one that seems to have taken a life and who accepts that and deeply regrets that. I think both Danny and the Doctor could certainly see something that is the same in one another.

As for Clara… she seemed off this episode. The whole shot and cry thing was awkward and lets face that it was supposed to be. But there was the whole dalek thing…I do get that she was supposed to be the more open minded and human aspect for the Doctor but daleks are dangerous. She should know this, she was on Gallifrey when they tried to wipe the Doctor’s whole people and planet and when they spent centuries trying to kill him personally on Trenzalore. She should get that Doctor has a long dark history with them and he has every reason not to be so trusting with them. And thats the thing I didn’t get in the last episode she knows about regenerations she’s met the War Doctor and Ten why does she seem so shaken about it, even the old face part. She just seemed more in a panic of him changing rather than the Doctor. I would have gotten panic but just seemed off like she couldn’t accept it until Vastra and Jenny snapped her out of it. It just seemed like she was more worried about how she would be affected and their relationship instead of how the Doctor was handling and lets face it that a bigger shock to him. Anyway, I’m hopping to see her more how she was in the last season. She just seemed more thoughtful in the last season.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent out my thoughts here on my blog. 


From “Into the Dalek” S08E02


From “Into the Dalek” S08E02


Bring him back!