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Fran sighed, walking around London boredly. He'd just finished an assassination mission and lost Bel a few minutes ago. The logical thing to do would be to look for him or go back, but he really didn't want to. Instead of that, he decided to take a break and lean against the first object he could find: a blue Police box. Of course, you could imagine his surprise as the doors opened to the inside while it clearly said "pull to open" and he fell in, but he didn't show anything. "Ah.. Hello."

"Uh, hello." The Doctor said standing by the console. "Huh, I thought I locked the doors."

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"Well, thank you."

Fate's Wide Wheel

"I might have kissed his sister."

"Wait, what?"

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For The Next Hour My Character Cannot Tell The Truth to Any Question


They have to tell bold terrible lies or just deflect

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"Would be dangerous if this secret were ever to get out? I mean this all seems really odd to me. You sure are someone special in the universe." Meow said as he began to sigh a bit. "It must be so cool to make such an impact on the universe."

"Well, there is a reason why I keep a secret. I haven’t even told my bests friends the secrets. Really, the only person I ever told was when I was dying so… then I didn’t die there was that." The Doctor scratched the back of his head. "Well, I’m sure you have an impact on the Universe."

Doctor Who


I can’t really tell you since I’m still not past Nine.

Don’t have netflix, hate the online videos I fine hdfsjka I might torrent them one day, though. :V

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 Meow tilted his head. He never wanted to intrude to much on his personal life. However, he was wondering what secret he was keeping. Meow didn’t want to be rude to the stranger. The last thing he needed was some space feline screwing with him. "I’m just wondering? Is this a secret you are open about with others, or is it something that they just don’t know?"

"That’s a complicated thing. I really haven’t told that many people that secret. As far as I know no one else knows the answer. There might just be one other person with the answer."

"I hope Doctor is doing well... I hope I can contact him... but I have no number to go on... Unless I take stab at finding number by myself." He translates the digital address for "Galifrayian Doctor - TARDIS" into the address and hopes it works.



The Doctor was being shot by Sontaran when he jumped into the Tardis and closed the door. That was when the phone on the door started to ring. In the middle of the fire fight he opened the door and answered, “Hello this is the Doctor.”



"… Then yes by all means hang up, I will call later!"

Isaak promptly hangs up to let the Doctor finish his work.

"Hello? Hello? Anyone there?" The Doctor ducked dodging a laser blast before he jumped into the Tardis and closed the door behind him.